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Here at Anderby Care, we are always here to help support our service user and family members. As a reputable home care company in Rotherham his then enables the service users to maintain their independence, meaning the service users can stay in the comfort of their own home.

At Anderby Care we pride ourselves on focusing on our service users’ individual needs, always keeping people at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on person-centred care, from the moment we first visit your home we start to create your tailored bespoke care package. This is specifically created around your own needs and requirements.

Our service users will get to know the Anderby team very quickly, making changes or adaptations to aid in a smooth transition. All it takes is a call to our experienced office team who will start the process for you and liaise with our team.

You only have to tell your story once. When we tailor your care needs, we make sure that all aspects are covered, making sure that our service users physical, mental, environment and lifestyle needs are factored into your care plan. This means that all areas are covered to ensure that no stones left unturned, guaranteeing a great service which will leave you feeling confident in Anderby’s hands.

How to get started with home care

Step 1 – get in touch

Contact our team by telephone or email and give them a brief overview of what needs yourself or your family member have.

Step 2 – assessment day

A care manager would then arrange a time and date that suits you for an assessment in your own home or a mutual place that suits all parties concerned.  We would then discuss a tailored Care Package and agree outcomes in a way that makes sense to the individual. We will take into consideration the persons health conditions, situation, care and support needs, we will then discuss when you want the care package to start.

Step 3 – care starts

The care would start from the agreed dates and times and then we can build a professional working relationship.

Why choose Anderby Care as your Rotherham home care provider?

Anderby Care Ltd is a care provider based in the Rotherham borough area offering all different types of supporting services. For those who need that helping hand we are here to aid in your care requirements.

Anderbys care team works around yourself and your needs meaning call durations and support is of your choice. We work alongside other health care professionals to make sure all needs are met. Anderby Supports many individuals out in the community in age and ability range. We provide many services, such as shopping calls, waking night sits, respite and palliative care.

We are dedicated to making sure the service user is treated as an individual, with dignity and respect, receiving a continuity care package. Allowing our service users to build a trusted professional relationship with their carers and office team. We take pride in the care we deliver, working within the CQC standards to ensure a quality service is received.

What our customers have to say...

I had been with three care companies before joining Anderby Care, I was nervous to begin with but within the first week I knew it was the best thing I could have done. I was very poorly when I started, however I had a regular team of carers around me who helped me so much.

I joined the company when it had only been open three months, I’ve seen it grow and improve, I have always had the same carers and the high quality of care has always been consistent. The way new staff are now introduced to us is excellent, there are shadow shifts while both sides get used to each other.

I have great relationships with all aspects of Anderby, I know if I need them, they will be there. Anderby has aided me to live, I couldn’t function without the carers.


I’m just so grateful we have taken the step and joined Anderby Care, they are a massive help to myself and my partner. I am happy when my partner is happy and watching him being able and to go back into the community means the pressure is taken off me, I can relax more while he gets his independence back.


Before John’s collapse and before Anderby we could not cope, they have been invaluable and taken so much weight and stress off our shoulders. Anderby Care are so trustworthy, we would recommend them to anyone, we trust every single member of staff with John and in our home.

Mr & Mrs Beldon, Barnsley

My joining process to Anderby Care was made easy, I have built a relationship up with all staff members, I like their different personalities – my small staff team aid me in different ways, one for my morning shower, another for my shopping and the one who never forgets anything!

My communication with staff members is always good, they go to so much effort to make sure I have all the things I need, the office are easy to contact when I decide to cancel a call to go out with family.

Anderby Care is the first home care service I had tried and I would recommend to anyone. I am so pleased, Anderby has helped me so much and I have never had an issue or problem, they just help me.

Mr Proctor

Anderby Care is my second care company that I have used. The carers are friendly, respectful and polite. If I need any help, I know that I can ask my carer and it will get done in the way I like. If anyone I knew needed help I’d recommend Anderby Care.


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    Social care includes activities such as shopping, correspondence, appointments, meal preparation & more.