The world stood still

2020 has become the year that no one expected! The virus referred to as COVID-19 took the whole world by surprise and the world stood still.

Suddenly food and necessities where unobtainable, people were told to self-isolate and the world we knew paused. Like others in the health profession, Anderby Care’s staff members were called upon to join the fight against COVID-19 on the front line. Staff members with children and families put personal fears to one side and went to work to care for those they knew needed them the most.

Standing shoulder to shoulder

Throughout COVID-19 we are so proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with other care professionals and proudly clapped on our doorsteps for one another. Looking back we have had positive moments that have allowed us to cherish our job role, creating food hampers for those in need, driving miles to make sure we have obtained enough PPE, making sure the COVID-19 outbreak did not penetrate the umbrella of Anderby.

Keep fighting back

All staff members can walk away knowing our team was tested in the hardest way and at the worst time. However, we continue to keep fighting together and will continue to do so.